We are an Auckland-based scaffolding services company. With a wealth of expertise, we can handle any residential or commercial project.

How we started

Like hammers and nails, scaffolding and construction go hand in hand. Garry and John McNaught and Chad Dellow had been building for years when in 2013, the opportunity arose to form Uprite Scaffolding. Today, we are a 15-strong team servicing the whole of the Auckland region.

“A great scaffolder is someone able to deliver what the builder wants” –  Chad Dellow

What makes a good scaffolder?

To some, scaffolding may seem like a minor part of the construction process. Well, tell that to a builder having to work around sub-standard scaffolding! In reality, well-designed scaffolding enables tradespeople to work more efficiently and safely.

So, what makes a great scaffolder? In short, it is someone able to deliver what the builder wants! To break it down, though, here some of the qualities we look for:

-the ability to problem solve

-an understanding of construction

-a willingness to work hard every day and get the job done a capacity to communicate clearly.

Shrink-wrap specialists

We specialise in shrink-wrap jobs. Our part in the process is designing and erecting scaffolding for shrink wrap to then be installed by the supplier. To ensure a reliable supply, we work with three shrink-wrap companies.


What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is low-density polyethylene (LDPE) cladding used to protect buildings from the weather during the re-cladding process. Developed in response to ‘leaky homes,’ shrink wrapping is a relatively new process that requires specialist expertise to prevent scaffolding from collapsing because of water build up. Consequently, many scaffolding companies shy away from shrink-wrap work.



All builders have unique ways of doing things. We will discuss with you your requirements and won’t leave your site until we are sure you are happy.


With a can-do attitude, we arrive on site on time. All our scaffolders are well trained in health and safety and hold SiteSafe passports


With a builder’s perspective, we have years of industry experience, and we are great at solving problems. Our speciality is shrink-wrap jobs.



These days, Garry is content to look after administrative duties. He leaves everything else to the ‘young guns’: John and Chad.



Committed to delivering a first-class service, John is an experienced, licensed builder. A people person, John is a skilled communicator, and he listens.



An experienced, licensed builder, Chad’s role is mainly in logistics: where people are going, how long will things take, what gear is required. He is great to talk to and always returns calls.

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